Monday, September 30, 2013

When we start to end our Spidersilk journey we find out that Mark's foe, Chris, has actually been in a coma in his original dimension while the story has played out. Once defeated by Mark, Chris actually flatlines and then regains consciousness in his own dimension. Victims of a coma have had many struggles throughout time because many are seen as brain dead and are usually believed to be gone for good. Recent technology has discovered that many people who are in a coma are actually very much conscious in other areas of the brain. Recently new scans have been developed that have brought coma victims who were believed to be unconscious for over 20 years back to life in a way. These scans have allow many to communicate with loved ones even though their body is unable to do so. With Chris, his coma actually took him to Mark's dimension, which is an amazing idea in itself. There have actually been many people who have woken up with the belief that they traveled elsewhere while they were seemingly unconscious to the world. This form of astral projection or dreaming might bring more to light in the future about what happens with the brain when a coma occurs and if people are actually able to visit other realms while they seem to be checked out of this one.

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

"Mark quickly generated a sphere of energy then squeezed it that generated waves of thick energy, assaulting the small “ghosts.”- Spidersilk

Monday, September 23, 2013

There are many elements which work to help Mark figure out what needs to be accomplished to defeat his foes. One such element was the introduction of the dream catcher which eventually leads Mark to a spirit guide that gives valuable advice. The dream catcher is an important element in many ways though. These devices were originally created by Native American tribes who wished to protect tribal members from nightmares that flowed through the night time air. When you look at the dream catcher you have to understand that every aspect of the dream catcher is important. One of the most iconic elements in the webbing, which is much like the spider webbing that protects Mark. The webbing helps trap the negative while filtering the positive dreams down to the dreamer via the dangling feather. Mark was very lucky with his dreaming abilities, no matter the nature of the dream, as he utilized all elements of the dream to his greater advantage. However, the dream catcher was his way of unlocking valuable information and strength for his upcoming battle.

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Thursday, September 19, 2013

“Mark knelt down and placed his hand out toward the ground. A large spider emerged from under his shirt sleeve. Mark instructed it, “Go and locate Isis.”- Spidersilk

Monday, September 16, 2013

One of the finest elements in the novel Spidersilk is the incredible characters that have so much story within each of them. As the story progresses readers are exposed to so many important people that you just have to fall in love with the detail given. One such character is Rae Osira who only plays a brief part in the actual novel. The important aspect of Rae is his kidnapping and what it helps unravel. Rae's surname actually gives readers a fine hint as to his role in the book though. The name Osira is very close to Osiris, an Egyptian god who had great wealth, just as Rae did in the story. The god Osiris was married to Isis, which isn't the case in Spidersilk, but in both elements Isis did end up leading to the discovery of the kidnappers. It just so happens that Sett, the enemy in the novel, also ended up killing Osiris in mythology. This connection, as well as many others in the novel, really help make the story incredibly rich!

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Thursday, September 12, 2013

“Reaching for the door, Mark thought to himself, at least it wasn’t raining today. The overcast sky loomed, yet the cumuli were not quite as dark as yesterday, providing a glimmer of blue sky.”- Spidersilk

Monday, September 9, 2013

Who's Laughing Now

In Spidersilk, Mark has two encounters with a Hyena which he sees using his third eye. In both cases, Mark has just experienced an event that was traumatic or confusing. The hyena, although often seen as a joker or weak figure, has been used as the symbol of treachery, wisdom and fascination. In fact, the hyena is known throughout many cultures to have the powers of divination so they can easily see things that are going to transpire as well as good and evil forces in the world. This may be why the hyena decides to appear to Mark, as the hyena also has the ability to hear the voices and know the evil that is occurring. In Spidersilk, the hyena appears to Mark as being sickly in appearance which may be its way of showing Mark that he is going to need more than his wisdom to get past the one's who are causing him and his friends harm. Interestingly enough, the hyena also played a Biblical role. The hyena was said to carry a blind boy into town so he could have his vision restored. I bet you won't look at hyenas the same way again.

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Thursday, September 5, 2013

“A freak storm appeared out of nowhere. I mean it was not on radar and then it was suddenly right in front of us”- Dacian in Spidersilk

Monday, September 2, 2013

In Spidersilk, you'll find an amazing amount of technology that makes life better in many aspects. From current technological trends, like tablets, to more elaborate projects this book really makes each of the dimensions seem awesome. One of these technological devices is the range seeker, which is designed to help the blind and seeing impaired get through life as if they were actually seeing. Although, in this dimension we are currently barely breaking the surface with our disability technology, there are actually have a lot of exciting things in the works. Between surgeries and devices, pretty soon a disability will be nothing more than a small attribute a person possesses.

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