Friday, September 21, 2018

“Sett insisted that this trip be a technology ‘detox’ event and convinced Geb to turn stuff in my house got moved around a bit. Then Geb insisted that I take more than simply weekend garb and started packing my things in the truck outside. After a brief scuffle with him, I notice something different about him. It was like he wasn’t himself or something.”_Spidersilk the novel

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

In Spidersilk the novel, the main character Mark’s friend Isis is taken by Sett and forced to give up her tech devices in order to do a tech detox. Although tech detoxes are common in our own world, some people go one step further and swear off tech altogether. Many people actually speculate that a wave of Neo-Luddism, the personal choice to not use technology, could be coming very soon. There are many signs that seem to point in this direct, according to the theory. Of course, most people are quite positive that tech is here to stay for generations to come.
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Friday, September 14, 2018

“Mark peered closely at one; he could sense the non-human thing that it was. Was it logical, smart, or primitive? They seemed actually very intelligent, with possibly a “munster” sort of intelligence, and it responded to him. Immediately, it sort of lay flat on the ground in a sort of non-threatening way. The others made a sort of circle around him, moving with his movements.”_Spidersilk the novel

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Spider silk is helping to make history in one town in Massachusetts. The town of Lowell was known for textiles back in the 1700s, but due to changes in technology and economy the town lost its standing as a main textile producer. However, now the university has been granted a lot of money to explore spider silk in regard to creating new forms of silk and other fabrics. This grant could put the US on the map as far as using spider silk in production for clothing. It could also lead to a wider variety of clothing that would make the fashion industry more sustainable. Time will only tell how many fabrics this research will create, as well as how many other secrets it will uncover from studying the amazing spider silk DNA.
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Friday, September 7, 2018

“Geb reached for Isis’ arm and clutched it with a tenacious grip. “I am serious. Some of those guys may be more powerful and ferocious then you expect.” Isis swiftly turned looking into his earnest and concerned dark brown eyes. She noticed a slight tear mixing with the oils at the corner of his eye.”_Spidersilk the novel

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

If you love following news about black holes, then you’ll be excited by NASAs latest discovery. Apparently, in some tiny galaxies there are many mini black holes which we are closer to viewing thanks to NICER technology. These tiny black holes might actually help scientist understand how the larger black holes in the universe formed early on. This information might be crucial in the future as we are now witnessing some black holes outgrowing their galaxies ( , which could pose problems in the distant future.
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